«How does the Pretty Woman appear now and what would Richard Gere’s reaction be to see her after 30 years? ??»

Back in 1990 «Pretty Woman» hit our screens and everyone was crazy in love with the leading beauty. See how time has evolved Hollywood actress Julia Roberts!

It is needless to say that people expect celebrities to always look chic, well-groomed and meet all their requirements concerning their appearance and not only. Very often, the show business stars get harshly criticized for their «natural» looks. Recently, it was Roberts who appeared in paparazzi’s spotlight.

Photojournalists decided not to miss the chance and capture an awkward moment of the Pretty Woman thus disappointing some of her admirers and those who still remembered her as that pretty young heartbreaker. The way she has changed caught everyone’s attention.

The latest provocative snapshots of the Hollywood diva astonished absolutely everyone. They instantly went viral becoming one of the most talked-about topics on social media. The noticeable changes she has undergone escape no one’s attention.

Some even expressed their dissatisfaction claiming that only her charming smile has remained the same. Her imperfect skin, extreme thinness and less attractive look left a lot to be desired.


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