Halle Berry responds perfectly to trolls after posing naked in a new photo

I can only imagine how much constant pressure most celebrities live under

Criticism of one’s work is unavoidable and, at times, even acceptable. Obviously, no artist will ever create anything universally liked every time, just as entertainers occasionally have disastrous nights.

While fans expressing such ideas is part of being a celebrity, I think we can all agree that today, we all hoped we’d be above personal assaults or trolling online.

Unfortunately, we aren’t, and the internet has done an excellent job of effectively serving as a megaphone in a town square with seating for millions.

Not only do celebrities risk running into disappointed fans in their daily lives, but they also have to deal with a flood of remarks whenever they choose to let others in via social media.

Halle Berry was reminded of the internet’s harshness over the weekend when she uploaded a stunning naked photo of herself.

To summarize, Halle Berry broke the internet on Saturday when she shared a photo of herself standing on a balcony, enjoying a glass of wine, and wearing… wait for it… nothing.

The Oscar-winning actress, 56, captioned the photo, “I do what I wanna do.”

While many of the comments in the comments section were nice (people generally congratulated Berry), some still had harsh things to say.


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