Inside Robin Williams’s final days: His wife who forgave him reveals a sad truth

The tragic death of Robin Williams happened more than seven years ago, but his spirit and legacy live on in our minds.

The world was shocked by Williams’ death. Many people thought that his choice to end his life was caused by depression and drug abuse.But as it turns out, there was something else completely behind Robin Williams’s sad death. That’s why Susan Schneider Williams, Robin’s wife, chose to tell the truth about what really killed her husband.When Robin Williams died in 2014, the world lost one of the funniest minds of all time. Robin was known for being a really nice person, a family man, and a funny guy in general. His great acting in movies like “Good Morning Vietnam,” “Mrs. Doubtfire,” and “Aladdin” made fans all over the world adore him.

People who knew him in real life saw that he was just as funny when he wasn’t on TV. He could use his gift to make people laugh when they needed it the most.What killed Robin WilliamsRobin Williams was discovered dead in his bedroom at his home in Paradise Cay, California, on August 11, 2014. From what the Marin County Sheriff’s Office knows, the person died of asphyxiation by hanging.

During an emotional interview in 2015, Susan cried as she talked about the last time she talked to her husband.A week before he died, Robin was going to go to a place for neurocognitive tests.Before he died, Robin asked Susan if she would like a foot massage in the evening. Susan turned down the offer because she couldn’t have known what was going to happen.She will always remember the way he looked at her with sad eyes.After that, he left. A few times, he came back into the room and said, “Good night, my love.” Susan answered, “Good night, my love.”They were the last words she ever said to him and his last words to her.Susan later said in interviews that she doesn’t blame Robin for killing himself because she has forgiven him. She knew he wouldn’t have many years left, and she knew they would be hard.First rescuers came to the house that terrible day and tried to save her husband. She was there with him the whole time.“I only wanted to see my husband.” I saw him too… I was able to pray with him. I had to tell him, “I forgive you a billion times over, from the bottom of my heart.” I’ve never met a braver man than you. She said, “You know, we were living a nightmare.”Funeral for Robin WilliamsIt’s not clear if Robin’s family had a private service, but we do know that Monte’s Chapel of the Hills in San Anselmo burned down his body.His ashes were spread out over San Francisco Bay on August 21. He loved the area and had lived there for almost 50 years. It was where he felt most at peace.It’s always sad when someone ends their own life. I can see why sometimes, but I believe people should never go that far.It’s too bad that no one knew what was going


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