Jennifer Lopez showed up at her stepdaughter Seraphina’s school play where Jennifer Garner was also in attendance, but they did not make contact

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck attended his daughter Seraphina’s school play, but online users criticized her outfit. Lopez wore a formal outfit, while Garner wore a casual, unmade outfit. Despite no interaction, a source confirmed no bad blood between the couple. Lopez and Garner did not interact.

Lopez wore a red maxi dress with patent leather heels, while Affleck walked ahead with his son Maximilian and a friend. The blended family enjoyed interacting, with Affleck’s daughter Violet towering over them despite wearing flat sneakers.

Jennifer Lopez appeared comfortable and chatty with her stepchildren, including her 17-year-old stepdaughter Violet, wearing red cargo shorts and a denim jacket, and holding two bouquets after the event.

Jennifer Lopez’s outfit at an event has been criticized for attempting to outshine her stepdaughter, with some comparing it to wearing white to a wedding. Others believe she is incapable of letting others’ light shine, while others find it embarrassing. Some users find the outfit drew all eyes on her and none on her stepdaughter.

Lopez and Affleck will celebrate their first wedding anniversary on July 16, 2023. Despite not interacting during Seraphina’s school play, there is no bad blood between them. Affleck’s three kids attended Lopez’s wedding, and insiders say they have a cordial relationship and are bonding now co-parenting. Lopez is known for her sweetness to her kids.

Lopez, Garner, and Affleck are handling their blended family well, praised for their drama-free split and Affleck’s amazing co-parenting skills. She hopes the children view their stepparents as allies and welcome each other as different perspectives. Garner gave Lopez her approval to marry Affleck, indicating that the blended family has worked well from the start.

Jennifer Lopez and Brad Pitt have rekindled their relationship, allowing them to spend time together and discuss political and social issues. Lopez believes her children find an ally in her and teach her valuable life lessons. The couple’s recent honeymoon to Paris was attended by Affleck’s daughters, fostering a sense of family unity.

Garner and Affleck, who were married for over a decade, divorced in 2018. They had three children together, including Affleck’s sons, who attended their father’s wedding to Lopez. Lopez, who had five children with Affleck, is private and protective of her children, keeping them out of the spotlight.


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