With a swollen face and in casual clothes!: This is what Adele looks like when she thinks no one is watching her

The fans are disappointed! Paparazzi didn’t miss the chance and filmed Adele when she didn’t expect that at all! ? This is what the singer looks like in casual clothes and with no makeup! ??

When this iconic, talented and successful singer lost weight and changed beyond recognition, her appearance became the center of public attention and since then paparazzi have never missed the chance to film Adele whenever she appeared.

She hasn’t performed on stage for already three years the main reason of which was her hurtful divorce from her husband and the father of her son. This had a negative impact on her mental health and she still can’t talk about it without tears.

Her most recent appearance in a total-black outfit let no fan stay indifferent. Photographers didn’t miss the chance to film the outstanding singer. Her causal look and swollen face soon caused a stir becoming the topic of discussions.

«Am I the only one who thinks that she has gained weight again?», «Not only a talented singer, but also a caring mother and dedicated woman!», «It seems as if she has come from funeral!


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