Arnold Schwarzenegger shares sweet video of workout with his pet pig Schnelly

Arnold Schwarzenegger has been many things over his career: champion bodybuilder, top movie star, Governor of California.

But these days, one of Arnie’s favorite things to do is spend time at home with his many animals, including his newest addition, a pet pig named Schnelly.

Since he introduced the pig to fans last year, Schnelly has grown up a lot — and is still keeping the Terminator star on his feet, as one funny new video shows.

Schwarzenegger, 76, shared a video on social media yesterday of him and his pet pig out for a walk.

“Come on, Schnelly,” Arnie repeats as the pig follows behind him. “We’ve got to go on our fitness walk. We got to lose some fat.”

“Nothing like a Tuesday morning walk with my Schnelly!” the actor wrote in the caption. The video was a way to encourage his followers to participate in a “challenge” to increase their daily step average by 1,000 steps.

While Mr. Schwarzenegger has never been one to shy away from a good workout, it sounds like Schnelly wasn’t as enthusiastic. Many fans related to the pig, apparently oinking in complaint about the workout.

“Schnelly Is definitely protesting,” one comment reads.

“Go schnelly!!! You’re the cutest fat and all,” another wrote.

Schnelly has grown a lot since Arnie first introduced the adopted pig to fans last May. “The family is growing,” Schwarzenegger wrote, sharing a photo of himself holding Schnelly — then a wee piglet — as well as his pet dog Cherry.

Speaking to FOX 11 program The Issue Is, Schwarzenegger explained that the pig’s name comes from the German word “schnell,” which means “fast.”

“When we brought [him] home, [he] ran out of the house, ran all over the property, and we couldn’t catch [him],” Arnie said. (It seems that Schnelly has lost some of his interest in cardio over the past year.)

In January, Schwarzenegger shared another photo of his beloved pig. “Schnelly loves his cookies, and I love my Schnelly,” he wrote.

Schwarzenegger’s home is filled with many animals, including a donkey named Lulu, a miniature horse named Whiskey and three dogs: Dutch, Schnitzel and Cherry.

But he’s always had a special fondness for pigs. He previously had a pet pig named Bacon, a decision inspired by his Batman & Robin co-star George Clooney, who had a pet pig named Max.

“I always liked that he was into pigs; he has this little pig that he takes everywhere,” Schwarzenegger told the Columbus Dispatch in 2014. “So I bought a pig right after that. Only thing is, I must’ve bought the wrong one because, in no time, it was 300 pounds and I could barely lift the son of a gun.”

Schwarzenegger has been busy with a new venture as a healthy lifestyle coach: fans can subscribe to his “Arnold’s Pump Club” newsletter, “the daily email that makes it easier to live a healthier, happier life without all the confusion and stress.”

Last year, Schwarzenegger revealed that he had to “start from scratch” after a near-death experience following a botched open heart surgery. Video showed him taking his first steps around the hospital, easing his way back into a fitness regimen.

“I wanted to get really going with exercise, get out of the house as quickly as possible, and then get going with the training again because three months later I started with Terminator 6, so I had to be in shape. I had to move around, run around, lift things up, do the fight scenes, and all of these kinds of things.”

Despite that health setback, Schwarzenegger is in great shape, and says he eats healthy, exercises and rides his bike every day.

“I love everything that I do. There’s no retiring,” he told the Hollywood Reporter last year. “I’m still on this side of the grass, so I’m happy. My plan is to live forever — and so far, so good!”

It can be a challenge to get your daily fitness in, but it helps to have a pet by your side — even if it’s a pig!

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