Jennifer Garner surprises dad with birthday gift from 1948 – and everyone’s saying the same thing

There are many celebrities who do their utmost to give off the impression that they’re still the down-to-earth, everyday men or women they were before they found fame, but few are half so convincing as Jennifer Garner.Remember the time when the actress saved her family farm by buying it in 2017 to preserve her history? Or how about more recently, when she opened up on wanting to “normalize looking normal” after a pregnancy?My point is, that Garner is a good egg, a kind soul, and a woman many people feel they can relate to.This is why a part of me isn’t all that surprised that she’s getting attention for the adorable gift she purchased for her father’s birthday.Garner’s father, who will turn 85 on September 21, has always played a key role in his daughter’s life – it’s clear to anyone who knows anything about the 51-year-old actress that she shares a deep bond with her parents.In order to surprise her dad with a nostalgic birthday gift, Garner traveled back to her hometown of Charleston, West Virginia for a fleeting visit.

And the Elektra star had planned something rather special for her father; a ride in the car of his childhood, from all the way back in 1948.“Dad’s early birthday surprise: a ride in his childhood car — 1948 Studebaker Champion — with kind and generous David King,” Garner wrote on Instagram, along with a photo of the father-daughter duo posing next to the vehicle in question.Needless to say, fans reacted positively in her comments field, with many of the opinion that this is another instance of Garner showing her true, humble colors.“Like, as if we couldn’t love Jen Garner anymore than we already do,” one person wrote.“You seem like the kind of person everyone has such good, and happy memories of/with. West Virginia looks beautiful,” another added.“Just love how you’re so down to earth,” a third concluded.


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