Pierce Brosnan’s wife – If true love exists, then Pierce and Keeley managed to uncover its secret

In the 90s, Pierce Brosnan was almost the most famous actor in Hollywood, and many still consider him the best Bond. Back in 1980, the man married actress Cassandra Harris, but just at the peak of their careers, cancer took her life. For a long time, Brosnan was inconsolable until he met Keely Shay Smith.For 19 years now, Pierce and Keeley have been living in perfect harmony, not paying attention to the tons of hatred that are poured out on the couple. Behind their backs they are called Beauty and the Beast, claiming that they are not suitable for each other at all. But for some reason everyone forgets that before, plump, but not losing her charm, Kili was still such a beauty.

They got married in 2001, but had been communicating for more than seven years before that. Smith was a fairly successful TV presenter, actress, and even acted as a model a couple of times.

And it’s worth noting that before marriage, no one would have dared to say a word that Keeley was not suitable for agent 007.

The couple has two children together – Dylan and Paris. Keely gave birth to her eldest before marriage in 1997, and Paris was born in 2001.

After the second pregnancy, the woman could not return to her previous shape. Quite quickly, Kili began to gain excess weight.

Whether it was a predisposition, or some kind of health problem, the family never shared details with people.

Naturally, in such situations, the media began to invent versions themselves. Perhaps a correct assumption would be a problem with the thyroid gland, but in reality it does not matter at all.

Brosnan doesn’t care what his wife looks like; they are still considered one of the strongest couples in Hollywood. The actor has repeatedly admitted that his greatest fear is that one day Keely will leave him.

“I love her for her strength, beauty and passion for life. I couldn’t live without this. When Kili looks at me, I become weak ,” he tells reporters.

If true love exists, then Pierce and Keeley managed to uncover its secret. And they once again proved that the main beauty of a person is hidden inside him, and not outside. Although, admit it, Keely was once a stunning beauty, and even now it’s hard to call her anything else. And how could it be different when Pierce Brosnan himself is next to you!


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