Jon Walmsley, renowned for his portrayal of Jason Walton in “The Waltons,” has undergone a remarkable transformation at the age of 67, reshaping not only his marital status but also his physical appearance, rendering him virtually unrecognizable today.Walmsley gained widespread recognition for his role as Jason Walton in the iconic television series “The Waltons,” where he portrayed the younger brother of John-Boy since the show’s debut in 1972.His romantic journey took a turn when he encountered Lisa Harrison while recuperating from mononucleosis. Their chance meeting blossomed into romance, and within two months of their encounter, Harrison moved in with him.

Prior to their meeting, Harrison had been an ardent admirer of Walmsley’s work, particularly his portrayal in “The Waltons.” Their bond culminated in marriage after three years of cohabitation, with Walmsley fondly recalling the moment Harrison persuaded him to propose on bended knee.Their wedding, officiated by Ralph Waite, who played Walmsley’s onscreen father, was a star-studded affair attended by the cast members of “The Waltons.” The ceremony held sentimental value, especially for Walmsley and Mary Elizabeth McDonough, who played his onscreen sister Erin Walton, as their bond transcended the screen.Despite their onscreen success, Walmsley’s heart leaned towards music, a passion he shared with Harrison. Together, they formed a musical duo and entertained audiences at various venues, including Disney World. Walmsley’s devotion to music was evident, expressing his intent to pursue it wholeheartedly if given the chance.In a heartfelt tribute on social media, Walmsley reminisced about his bond with Ellen Corby, who played Grandmother Esther Walton, revealing their profound connection, forged through mutual affection and support.

Walmsley’s life took a new turn with the arrival of his daughter, Brighton Asher, who followed in his footsteps as an actress. However, his marriage to Harrison ended after nearly three decades, marking the beginning of a new chapter.Since October 2019, Walmsley has embraced a quieter existence in Cornwall, UK, with his second wife, Marion, relishing the anonymity afforded by his changed appearance. The serene surroundings offer solace to the couple, who find joy in simple pleasures like nature walks and local cuisine.Despite stepping away from the spotlight, Walmsley continues to cherish his passion for music, finding fulfillment in performances with his bandmates. His contentment is palpable in moments shared with Marion, celebrating love, companionship, and the adventures that lie ahead.Despite the conclusion of “The Waltons,” Jon Walmsley remains closely connected with his former castmates. In April 2019, he delighted fans by sharing several Twitter images capturing their reunion at the Cherry Blossom Festival in Marshfield, MO, fondly referring to them as his “#Waltons family.”While Walmsley enjoys occasional visits to the United States, his heart finds solace in Cornwall, his cherished home. Turning 67 on February 6, 2023, he prioritizes maintaining good health and finds joy in activities like hiking.

In March 2019, a tweet captured him basking in the breathtaking views from a mountain peak, showcasing his love for outdoor adventures. Similarly, a Facebook photo from October 2016 depicted him proudly posing atop Mount Washington. His love for outdoor pursuits was further evident in August 2015 when he shared a snapshot of himself river rafting.Despite his busy schedule, Walmsley consistently shares updates with his fans, often spotlighting his unwavering devotion to his wife, Marion. Celebrating their wedding anniversary on August 19, 2017, he shared heartfelt moments from their favorite Vermont restaurant, expressing gratitude for Marion’s unwavering presence and describing her as “the love of my life.”In October 2022, he marked Marion’s birthday with a heartfelt message and anticipated a celebratory dinner. Earlier, in August, he expressed his love by sharing an endearing image of their initials drawn within a heart on a beach.Walmsley’s admiration for Marion isn’t a recent development. Previously, he shared a beachside kiss with Marion, prompting inquiries about the inspiration behind his song “Love And You.” Although written during his teenage years, Walmsley affirmed that the lyrics beautifully encapsulated their relationship, symbolizing the promise of a bright future.Celebrating their 13th wedding anniversary on August 19, 2021, Walmsley affectionately posted a photo capturing their joy against a scenic backdrop. Playfully remarking on their enduring bond, he quipped about Marion’s fondness for him. As they marked 15 years together in 2023, the couple continues to embrace the tranquility of life in Cornwall, savoring each moment in their shared journey.


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