Celine Dion’s Beauty Secrets: Embrace Your Natural Beauty

French-Canadian singer Celine Dion has shared some of her makeup and beauty tips that she has learned over her long career. Despite having worked with various makeup artists, Dion has honed her own makeup routine to be quick and easy.

She mentioned that she can complete her entire makeup look in as little as 15 to 30 minutes. Dion attributes her makeup skills to having learned from makeup artists she has worked with over the years.Dion also shared that she loves doing her makeup herself and that in the early days of her career, when she couldn’t afford makeup artists, she had to pick up tips and tricks from others.

Celine Dion says that she can do her makeup in 30 minutes.
One key rule she follows when going makeup-free is that her hair has to be done. She believes that a chignon bun gives her face a natural facelift.

One of Dion’s go-to makeup products is a creamy black kohl eyeliner that doesn’t smudge. She recommends choosing an oil-based formula for longevity and avoiding water-based formulas that can streak if the eyes tear up.

Overall, Celine Dion emphasizes that makeup should enhance one’s natural beauty and be enjoyable to apply.


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