It took Halle Berry 35 pregnancy tests before the 36th one confirmed she was pregnant for the first time in her 40s.

In 2014, Halle Berry took an extraordinary step in her quest to protect her daughter, Nahla, by gathering scientific evidence.She submitted strands of Nahla’s hair from her hairbrush for forensic testing, aiming to provide concrete proof of the harm being inflicted on her child rather than engaging in futile arguments.Berry’s decision stemmed from her determination to shield Nahla from the damaging effects of her father’s actions, particularly his alleged racial bias.

She contended that the repeated dyeing and straightening of Nahla’s hair were rooted in Aubry’s racist remarks towards her, a claim supported by the results of laboratory tests confirming chemical treatment and damage to Nahla’s hair.As a black woman, Berry emphasized the importance of Nahla embracing her identity, stating, “I feel she’s black. I’m black, and I’m her mother.” This sentiment reflected Berry’s commitment to instilling a strong sense of cultural heritage in her daughter, resonating with her belief in the “one-drop theory.”Following a tumultuous custody battle lasting two years, Berry and Aubry eventually reached a settlement, agreeing to joint custody of Nahla. However, Aubry’s troubles continued, culminating in a physical altercation with Berry’s then-fiancé, Olivier Martinez.In addition to the legal disputes, financial matters also surfaced, with initial child support payments set at $14,000. Berry, however, advocated for a reduction to $4,000, aiming to incentivize Aubry to pursue employment. Her stance on child support sparked a broader conversation on gender roles and financial responsibilities within relationships.Berry’s dedication to advocating for equitable treatment extended beyond personal experiences, as evidenced by her vocal stance on issues such as child support and gender dynamics.Despite the challenges she faced, Berry remained steadfast in her commitment to Nahla’s well-being, a testament to her unwavering maternal love and determination.As Nahla grows older, Berry continues to impart valuable lessons on compassion and generosity, fostering a sense of social responsibility in her daughter. Through their shared experiences and adventures, Berry and Nahla forge a bond grounded in mutual respect and understanding, embodying the essence of maternal devotion and empowerment.


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